Supporter meaning in hindi | Supporter ka matlab 

Supporter meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Supporter 
Usage of Supporter: 1: He is an uncritical supporter of the present govt. 2: He is a supporter of Industrialism. 3: Ford was an outspoken supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment 4: As a Republican and avid supporter of Women's Suffrage 5: De Klerk was a supporter of segregated universities 6: Fonda has been a longtime supporter of feminist causes 7: President Jefferson was an enthusiastic supporter of westward expansion 8: Maradona is also a supporter of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. 9: The Catholic Frenchman Balthasar Gérard was a supporter of Philip II 10: Another supporter of war
Supporter ki paribhasha : vah chhoti nadi jo kisi badi nadi men milati ho

Usage of Supporter in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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