Surface meaning in hindi | Surface ka matlab 

Surface meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Surface 
Usage of Surface: 1: Age had dulled the surface 2: He etched her image into the surface 3: The acid had pitted the surface of zinc piece. 4: On the lunar surface 5: This antiques surface is very shiny. 6: Carvings were done on the exterior surface of the building. 7: The moons surface is pocked with small craters. 8: Even out the surface 9: The carpenter made the surface of the wood smoothy by a plane. 10: a reflective surface
Surface ki paribhasha : khaat ki bunan jisapar log letate hain keval lnbaayi chaudai ka gunanaphal jisamen motaayi motaayi gaharaayi ya ooanchaayi ka kuchh bhi vichaar na kiya jaay vah sthaan jo kisi vastu ke niche padta ho kisi vastu ka oopari bhaag kisi vastu ka vah bhaag ya tal jo oopar ki or ho

Usage of Surface in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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