Swamp meaning in hindi | Swamp ka matlab 

Swamp meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Swamp 
Usage of Swamp: 1: he was trapped in a medical swamp 2: Bridgetown's centre was originally composed of a swamp 3: Some beds illustrate a coastal swamp environment 4: The remnants of an ancient mangrove swamp 5: The earliest reptiles were found in the swamp forests of the Carboniferous 6: All that land is a large swamp 7: Duckweed, or swamp Lens, Water Plant whose leaves in the shape of 8: From Game smelling swamp 9: It leaned his left to a swamp 10: Location is prepared in a swamp or a pond to take ducks wild fish traps in
Swamp ki paribhasha : ek chhoti nadi jo poorabi maalava aur buandelakhnd se hokar bahati hai vah jamin jo gairaayi tak gili ho aur jisasen pair niche ko dhansata ho

Usage of Swamp in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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