Tabernacle meaning in hindi | Tabernacle ka matlab 

Tabernacle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tabernacle 
Usage of Tabernacle: 1: Before building the temple, there was also a courtyard around the tabernacle 2: It also tells of the tabernacle of the jailer 3: Niche tabernacle 4: Priest says Ministers also particularly who were devoted to the tabernacle and the temple in the Old Law 5: The Holy of Holies, the innermost and most sacred part of the tabernacle and then the temple of Solomon, the one where the ark was enclosed 6: The tabernacle of the Lord and, par excellence, The Tabernacle, the tent where the Ark of the Covenant rested during the stay of the Israelites in the desert, until the time when the temple was built 7: Tighten the holy ciborium in the tabernacle 8: The Blessed Sacrament in this chapel rests in this tabernacle
Tabernacle ki paribhasha : ek chhota jngali ped jisaki saphed aur majaboot lakadi sajaavat ke samaan banaane ke kaam men aati hai vah ghar jisamen kisi devata ki moorti rakhi jaay

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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