Tenderness meaning in hindi | Tenderness ka matlab 

Tenderness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tenderness 
Usage of Tenderness: 1: The tenderness of the flowers are bewitching. 2: Right-upper-quadrant tenderness may be present. 3: ANOINTING still means, figuratively, that particular Sweetness In a speech, in writing, touches the heart and devotion door or a kind of tenderness 4: Crying tenderness 5: Feelings of love, tenderness 6: He felt that his hatred, his tenderness awoke 7: He still said by tenderness and familiarity 8: It is, by extension, of a Mother who has tenderness point for his children, who harshly treated 9: It means figuratively moved with compassion, tenderness 10: It says absolutely feelings of humanity, compassion, tenderness
Tenderness ki paribhasha : vah manovikaar ya duःkh jo doosaron ke duःkh ke gyaan se utpann hota hai aur jo doosaron ke duःkh ko door karane ki preran karata hai man ka vah duःkhapoorn veg jo doosare ke kasht ko door karane ki prerana karata hai kisi prakaar ka duःkh pahuanchaane ka bhaav

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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