Termination meaning in hindi | Termination ka matlab 

Termination meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Termination 
Usage of Termination: 1: He got the termination order from his supervisor. 2: The government of Uzbekistan is accused of unlawful termination of human life 3: The edge of this region is the termination shock 4: The termination was controversial 5: Upon termination of the algorithm 6: Anatomy membrane formed by termination of the optic nerve in the back of the eye and which come to form the images of the objects causing the sensations of light 7: default, termination use of 8: Deprivation, motion termination 9: Fall, termination of a period of a sentence or a phrase 10: He rented his house with reservation, subject to termination if sold
Termination ki paribhasha : ek roop ya avastha ko chhodkar doosare roop ya avastha ko praapt hona vanaspati men honevaala vah bich athava poshak dravy ya goode se paripoorn bijakosh jo kisi vishisht RRitu men phoolon ke aane ke baad utpann hota hai kisi pradesh ya vastu ke vistaar ka antim sthaan thik thik arth nishchit karana garbh ka paaanchaven ya chhathe mahine men gir jaana kisi kaary ya baat aadi ka ant hona

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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