Thrill meaning in hindi | Thrill ka matlab 

Thrill meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Thrill 
Usage of Thrill: 1: I always thrill to the sound of a marching band . 2: In 1942, Ruth called this game his greatest thrill on the field. 3: at the sight he felt a mild thrill 4: Be taken thrill 5: Fever is usually preceded by the thrill, a thrill 6: Having the thrill 7: The thrill is a preliminary symptom runner fever 8: The thrill of a bell, the strings of an instrument, etc 9: The thrill of fever 10: The thrill of flu
Thrill ki paribhasha : hava men kisi vastu ke veg se nikalane ka shabd hava men jhonke se nikalane ya jaane ka shabd hona snvedan sootron men ek prakaar ka spndan kisi vastu ko sui kaaante, bhaale, barachhi aadi se is prakaar dabaana ki usamen aarapaar chhed ho jaay shrrangaar ke saatvik anubhaavon men se ek paani ki vah uchhaal jo hava lagane ke kaaran hoti hai bhay se rongate khade hona

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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