Ticket meaning in hindi | Ticket ka matlab 

Ticket meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ticket 
Usage of Ticket: 1: validate a ticket 2: Drop him from the Republican ticket 3: They are trying to hang me for a parking ticket . 4: I'm giving you a speeding ticket . 5: Gee, I got a ticket for speeding . 6: A ticket for one journey costs 0.6 hryvnia . 7: These terminals are widely accessed for various usage like ticket booking 8: There are staffed ticket offices 9: In addition to automatic and staffed ticket gates 10: Armstrong gave Wendt a ticket for a "space taxi" "good between two planets".
Ticket ki paribhasha : kisi vraksh ka patta vah kaagaj ka tukad jo kisi prakaar ka mahasula, bhaada, kar ya phis chukaanevaale ko diya jaay aur jisake dbaara vah kahin aa ja sake ya koi kaam kar sake gupt baata, rahasy ya bhed bataanevaala

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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