To destroy meaning in hindi | To destroy ka matlab 

To destroy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce To destroy 
Usage of To destroy: 1: Nagumo's carriers would immediately launch a strike force to destroy them. 2: After Moses had persuaded the Lord not to destroy the people of Israel 3: At first, the Xhosa were ordered to destroy their fat cattle. 4: In early 2007 China launched a ballistic missile to destroy a satellite 5: U.S. Navy dispatches four O-1 Helldivers to destroy Kong. 6: Holy is unable to destroy it alone. 7: Another scientist volunteers to destroy the creature for him 8: In 1971, Klansmen used bombs to destroy ten school buses in Pontiac, Michigan. 9: After Germany's failure to destroy the Soviets before the winter of 1941 10: They could also radio for Close air support to destroy enemy strong-points.

Usage of To destroy in sentences

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