To gather meaning in hindi | To gather ka matlab 

To gather meaning in hindi

How to pronounce To gather 
Usage of To gather: 1: His primary job is to gather deliveries that the batsman does not hit 2: It is the only way to gather some forms of information 3: They also hoped to gather evidence of the transmutation of species. 4: barracks are improvised to gather the population homeless 5: Every day she goes in her oratory and spends some time to gather 6: He loved to gather all the talent in his house 7: I want to gather the feelings of my friends 8: It was easy to gather materials, it is the implementation that was hard 9: REMINDER in terms of War Art, Way means to beat the drum to gather a troop 10: REPRESENTATION says, in terms of Commerce, Business Action to gather for a trading house to a factory

Usage of To gather in sentences

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