To stir meaning in hindi | To stir ka matlab 

To stir meaning in hindi

How to pronounce To stir 
Usage of To stir: 1: If you want to stir this issue with him, you will find a man who will hold you head 2: iron utensil in two equal branches, which is used to stir the fire, reaching logs and embers in a fireplace 3: It says figuratively light Sets, ornaments adjusted to flutter, to stir the slightest wind 4: It specifically means, in terms of Laboratory glass wand that is used to stir in a container all kinds of liquids 5: Long boom whose fishermen use to stir the mud and disturbing the water so that the fish from the nets more easily in 6: One not advise you to stir 7: This is not something to stir this time in 8: This speaker is for the masses; he excels to stir the masses 9: , which are folded on each other, whose upper part is usually covered with paper, silk or feathers, and which is serves to stir the air to cool the face

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