To touch meaning in hindi | To touch ka matlab 

To touch meaning in hindi

How to pronounce To touch 
Usage of To touch: 1: I don't want to touch any of your filthy lucre . 2: Coupon interest, ticket attached to a title and that detaches to touch the interest of this title when it expired 3: Defense express pass in such a place, to touch such a thing 4: For exaggeration, It would be a sacrilege to touch to this table; it would be a sacrilege to cut down this beautiful tree, there would be a kind of desecration to touch this table to cut down that tree, that her beauty has to spare, comply 5: He said he was a man who, without being enlisted, appeared in a magazine to publish a larger company and to touch payroll in favor of Captain 6: Letter of Credit, Letter of which the holder is allowed to touch the money corresponding to whom it is addressed 7: There ' ever wanted to touch his heritage, he had only his acquests 8: to REACH, means to touch something that is quite a distance away so we can not do it without some effort

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