Toll meaning in hindi | Toll ka matlab 

Toll meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Toll 
Usage of Toll: 1: With a death toll of 57 2: The death toll is at least 62, with over two hundred injured in the attacks. 3: The toll ranges from 200–300 , to 400–800 , and to 2,000–3,000 . 4: The new 2 1/2 mile wooden toll bridge opened on June 12 5: The U.S. Geological Survey initially recorded the toll as 283,100 killed 6: Beyond the heavy toll on human lives 7: The death toll reached 26,370 of which 24,000 were children. 8: Hilberg estimates the death toll in Poland at "up to 3,000,000". 9: The strain took its toll 10: The death toll from the resulting tsunami was at least 52 people
Toll ki paribhasha : snpoorn jaati ka ek raag jisamen sab shuddh svar lagate hain sngit men pncham svar ka snket raah par chalane ka mahasool vah dhan jo raaja ya koi adhikaari kisi vishisht kaary ke liye le vastuon ka vah parimaan jo ginakar jaana jaay

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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