Torpedo meaning in hindi | Torpedo ka matlab 

Torpedo meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Torpedo 
Usage of Torpedo: 1: Until the development of the homing torpedo in World War Two 2: Ballistic missiles can also be fired from a submarine's torpedo tubes 3: In June 1890 Peral's submarine launched a torpedo while submerged. 4: 20 "Kate" torpedo bombers 5: On the other hand, the Japanese only lost 116 men and 3 torpedo boats. 6: SAAB Underwater Systems is manufacturing the Torpedo 2000. This torpedo 7: These comprised two squadrons each of dive-bombers and torpedo bombers 8: After two torpedo hits 9: Japanese naval land-based torpedo bombers 10: Active sonar is decoyed by amplifying and returning "pings" from the torpedo

Usage of Torpedo in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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