Torpor meaning in hindi | Torpor ka matlab 

Torpor meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Torpor 
Usage of Torpor: 1: he fell into a deep torpor 2: "t was no wonder" that as the singer "slid into addiction and torpor 3: All minds were in torpor 4: It means, figuratively and familiarly, Become by the effect of torpor or stubbornness, impenetrable to ideas or new impressions 5: of both genders who has the character of torpor 6: There is no way to get this man out of his torpor 7: This patient is in the torpor
Torpor ki paribhasha : saahityadarpan ke anusaar ek snchaari bhaav vah avastha jisamen bahut adhik nind maaloom padne ke kaaran manushy kuchh kuchh so jaay

Usage of Torpor in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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