Trading meaning in hindi | Trading ka matlab 

Trading meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Trading 
Usage of Trading: 1: Thank you for trading with us all these years . 2: Gopalpur was one of their main trading centers. 3: The Perth City area has Friday night trading until 9:00pm. 4: Kuwait's most important trading partners are Japan 5: The earliest Sino-German trading occurred overland through Siberia 6: Banking and money trading are an important part of the economy 7: Major trading partners include India 8: The first of these trading posts were Beverwyck 9: In the Zelda trading cards released by Nintendo early on in the series 10: Being the biggest trading market in Eastern India
Trading ki paribhasha : jo kisi prakaar ka vyaapaar karata ho shart lagaane ya baaji badane ki kriya ya bhaav nyaay ke anusaar vishay ke saath honevaala indriyon ka snyog

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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