Transient meaning in hindi | Transient ka matlab 

Transient meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Transient 
Usage of Transient: 1: Even though it may be transient 2: Bum Bill Bee, a transient insect 3: This can be transient 4: A state i is said to be transient if 5: A transient population of approximately 3,000 live on the Island 6: The state rate on transient lodging is 7.27%. 7: The furniture was transient within the house 8: The feature was transient 9: HH objects are transient phenomena, lasting only a few thousand years at most. 10: A transient ardor, The ardor of his zeal
Transient ki paribhasha : jo nasht ho jaay ya jo nasht ho jaane ke yogy ho jo svayn kaaryaroop ho aur jisaka koi kaaran ho, ata: jo ek sa na rahe

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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