Travel meaning in hindi | Travel ka matlab 

Travel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Travel 
Usage of Travel: 1: interplanetary travel 2: superstitiously he refused to travel on Friday the 13th 3: Search party decided to travel by sea. 4: he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel 5: he reacted ecstatically to my plan to travel to Africa 6: My travel kit has a knife.
TV kits are imported by many companies.
7: The booking will be invoiced by your travel agent. 8: the broadening of travel 9: he received reimbursement for his travel expenses 10: He planned to travel by a Microlight.
Travel ki paribhasha : ek hi dhuri par chaaron or bhraman karana shatarnj ya chausar aadi khelon men kisi mohare ya goti aadi ko apane sthaan se badhaana ya hataanaa, athava taash ya gnjiphe aadi khelon men kisi patte ko khel ke kaamon ke liye sab khelanevaalon ke saamane phenkana khaaki rng ki ek prakaar ki lava chidiya ek sthaan se doosare sthaan par jaane ki kriya baaans ki phattiyon, kaasa, mooanja, bent aadi ka bana hua tokara ek sthaan se doosare sthaan par praapt hone ke liye gati men hona

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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