Tread meaning in hindi | Tread ka matlab 

Tread meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tread 
Usage of Tread: 1: Dont tread on others feelings unnecessarily. 2: Wolf paws are able to tread easily on a wide variety of terrains 3: Chardon to bonnetier or fuller, thistle Variety , whose flowers are armed with a kind of small hooks and serve to knitters and tread to card wool, to make the hair smoother and more united sheets 4: Cylinder Felting , to tread 5: It is also said today Making litter his honor, Making few cases of honor, feet tread the 6: Arts Instrument used to fight, to pack, to tread and whose shape varies trades 7: Frapper the sheet, although the tread to make it tight
Tread ki paribhasha : shatarnj ya chausar aadi khelon men kisi mohare ya goti aadi ko apane sthaan se badhaana ya hataanaa, athava taash ya gnjiphe aadi khelon men kisi patte ko khel ke kaamon ke liye sab khelanevaalon ke saamane phenkana ghode ke pair ka vah sabase nichala bhaag jo jamin par padta hai aur jisamen naakhoon laga rahata hai kisi chij par sahasa aisi daab pahuanchaana jisase vah bahut dab aur vikrat ho jaay chaugaan khelane ki gend

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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