Tyrannical meaning in hindi | Tyrannical ka matlab 

Tyrannical meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tyrannical 
Usage of Tyrannical: 1: Hitler was a tyrannical man. 2: Calabria, in Southern Italy, to escape the tyrannical government of Polycrates. 3: When Karl could stand his tyrannical uncle no longer 4: But if a democrat means opposition to a tyrannical press 5: A government that puts out the law is tyrannical government 6: absolute power, tyrannical 7: Hard and tyrannical Government 8: Informers are the common bane to all tyrannical regimes 9: It is figuratively called Whoever performs or assumes absolute authority, oppressive, tyrannical 10: The tyrannical demands
Tyrannical ki paribhasha : anuchit kaary karanevaala duraachaari jisake liye koi ankush ya prati- bndh na ho

Usage of Tyrannical in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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