about meaning in tamil

Word: about - The english word have 5 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adverb, prepositionin english.
Meaning of about in english - in an opposite direction, lying anywhere without order, arrangement, near an amount, quantity, concerning, relating to, near or close to in position, on every side, in every direction

Meanings in tamil :

pṟṟi ( பற்றி )
pṟṟachu ( பற்றாசு )
pṟṟu ( பற்று )

Identical words :

about plants - azukkanavan ( அழுக்கணவன் )
about right - eṟakkuṟaiya ( ஏறக்குறைய )
about four miles on either of its banks - kankakshettiram ( கங்காக்ஷேத்திரம் )
about eight seconds - kalai ( கலை )
about eighteen cubits long - chelai ( சேலை )
about the frog - tavalaippattu ( தவளைப்பாட்டு )
about a temple - pni ( பணி )
about the sun or moon - parivetam ( பரிவேடம் )

Synonyms of about

around back backward in reverse any which way anyhow here and there almost nearly roughly approximately practically in general in the ball park in the neighborhood pretty nearly apropos regarding touching as concerns as respects dealing with in connection with in relation to in respect to referring to relative to touching on nearby adjacent beside through surrounding throughout

Antonyms of about

afar away distant
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