ambiguously meaning in tamil

Word: ambiguously - The english word have 11 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adverbin english.
Meaning of ambiguously in english - incoherently, vaguely, doubtfully

Meanings in tamil :

irottakachcholla ( ஈரொட்டாகச்சொல்ல )

Synonyms of ambiguously

confusedly illegibly wildly frantically aimlessly brokenly chaotically disconnectedly discontinuously disjointedly drunkenly frenziedly illogically incomprehensibly indistinctly ineptly randomly sloppily spasmodically uncertainly unclearly unintelligibly unrecognizably unsystematically obscurely hazily unsurely dubiously askance suspiciously tentatively distrustfully doubtingly hesitatingly irresolutely problematically questionably undecidedly
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