acid meaning in telugu

Word: acid
Meaning of acid in english - bitter, sour in taste, having acidic, corrosive properties, bitter in words or behavior, lysergic acid diethylamide, lsd

Meanings in telugu :

pulusu ( పులుసు )

Identical words :

As noun :
acidity - pulusu ( పులుసు )
acid chutney - pulup ( పులుప )

Synonyms of acid

biting pungent acerbic piquant sharp tart acidulous vinegarish vinegary acrid corroding rusting eroding dissolvent anti-alkaline bleaching disintegrative eating away erosive oxidizing trenchant vitriolic stinging sarcastic caustic mordant nasty dry cutting offensive harsh hateful hurtful hallucinogen candy dot cubes blotter peyote mushrooms microdots California sunshine Lucy in the sky with diamonds black tabs blue Owsley blue acid blue dot electric Kool Aid green dragon instant Zen magic mushrooms mescalin orange sunshine purple haze strawberry fields sugar cubes yellow sunshine

Antonyms of acid

basic kind bland mild dull sweet nice pleasant

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