anger meaning in telugu

Word: anger
 Meaning of anger in english - state of being mad, annoyed, make someone mad, become mad

Meanings in telugu :

rōshamu ( రోషము )

Identical words :

anger caused by grief - kaantaaLamu ( కాంతాళము )

Synonyms of anger

annoyance acrimony impatience enmity rage fury antagonism violence resentment animosity ire passion temper displeasure irritation outrage hatred exasperation indignation tiff irascibility umbrage pique rankling gall irritability choler distemper storm chagrin petulance stew peevishness huff tantrum miff conniption soreness vexation disapprobation dander blow up infuriation cat fit hissy fit ill humor ill temper slow burn inflame aggravate embitter exasperate displease infuriate excite irritate exacerbate enrage offend rile arouse antagonize incense provoke rankle bait agitate goad seethe craze madden bristle cross boil ruffle tempt fret chafe affront rant nettle rave egg on boil over burn up get mad make sore raise hell steam up stir up get on one's nerves

Antonyms of anger

delight happiness joy good will glee calm liking calmness agreeability contentment good nature pleasantness pleasure comfort kindness ease love peace cheer enjoyment aid soothe alleviate appease pacify placate tranquilize lull quiet assist mollify forbear make happy please help compose bore discourage

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