anxious meaning in telugu

Word: anxious
 Meaning of anxious in english - worried, tense, eager

Meanings in telugu :

vyaakulamu ( వ్యాకులము )

Identical words :

anxious to fret to waver - jittaadu ( జిట్టాడు )

Synonyms of anxious

afraid restless fidgety fearful nervous concerned apprehensive distressed uneasy uptight jittery careful scared aghast antsy disturbed fretful jumpy nervy overwrought shaking shaky solicitous taut troubled watchful wired wreck shivery unquiet basket case bugged butterflies choked clutched disquieted dreading hacked hyper in a state in a tizzy in suspense shook up shot to pieces spooked strung out sweating bullets unglued worried sick impatient keen enthusiastic thirsty agog ardent avid breathless desirous expectant fervent intent yearning zealous

Antonyms of anxious

brave composed confident courageous unafraid inattentive unconcerned collected content indifferent peaceful unwilling bold cool happy quiet unfearful calm unworried assured tranqil unenthusiastic

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