apply meaning in telugu

Word: apply
Meaning of apply in english - put into use, be appropriate, relevant, put substance on another, ask, request, work hard

Meanings in telugu :

mettu ( మెత్తు )

Synonyms of apply

employ handle practice administer implement exercise execute engage utilize exploit assign bring into play bring to bear relate pertain involve connect affect refer fit regard allude appertain suit touch concern be applicable be pertinent bear upon spread cover join anoint rub smear affix paint bestow place fasten massage put on lay on claim appeal demand inquire sue requisition petition solicit put in for devote study give try address commit plug persevere sweat scratch dig dedicate direct turn concentrate bend grind throw hustle bear down buckle down knuckle down be diligent be industrious give best shot give old college try hammer away hit the ball make effort peg away pour it on pull out all stops

Antonyms of apply

ignore misuse cease mismanage neglect halt stop detach loosen deny disclaim answer

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