association meaning in telugu

Word: association
 Meaning of association in english - group with common interest or pursuit, friendship, mental connection

Meanings in telugu :

saavaasamu ( సావాసము )

Identical words :

association with - sanyaagamu ( సంయాగము )

Synonyms of association

club league guild federation tribe union corporation company partnership society cooperative organization alliance family tie-in clique affiliation gang mob ring zoo bunch crew fellowship sodality sorority circle confederacy tie-up congress combination outfit band syndicate troupe pool clan hookup coalition crowd fraternity order confederation troops combo rat pack cooperation acquaintance companionship relationship comradeship assistance camaraderie familiarity agreement membership participation intimacy conjunction friendliness acquaintanceship fraternization frequenting impression concordance mixture connotation juxtaposition recollection identification linkage correlation remembrance bond linking pairing concomitance mixing joining lumping together

Antonyms of association

disunion separation aloneness antagonism isolation rivalry seclusion solitude opposition disassociation division ignorance strangeness unfamiliarity aloofness incompatibility

Related English Telugu Meaning

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