bad meaning in telugu

Word: bad
 Meaning of bad in english - poor quality, harmful, immoral, mischievous, decayed, severe, sick, sorry, distressing

Meanings in telugu :

hinamu ( హీనము )

Identical words :

As noun :
badge - ankamu ( అంకము )
bad name - ravv ( రవ్వ )
bad fortune - anayamu ( అనయము )
bad reputation - apratishth ( అప్రతిష్ఠ )
bad temper - avagunamu ( అవగుణము )
bad sign - avashakunamu ( అవశకునము )
bad taste - ōgaatyamu ( ఓగాత్యము )
bad omen - ōgaatyamu ( ఓగాత్యము )
bad way - kaapathamu ( కాపథము )
badas paper - kiggaadi ( కిగ్గాడి )
bad humours in the body the evil eye mischief done to infants by the touch of an impure person - kisaru ( కిసరు )
bad poet - kukavi ( కుకవి )
bad man - paansanudu ( పాంసనుడు )
bad smell - vēdu ( వేదు )
badness - daushtyamu ( దౌష్ట్యము )

Synonyms of bad

dreadful atrocious cheap unacceptable sad lousy crummy awful rough synthetic gross imperfect bummer garbage blah diddly inferior downer abominable amiss bad news beastly careless cheesy crappy defective deficient dissatisfactory erroneous fallacious faulty grungy icky inadequate incorrect off raunchy slipshod stinking substandard unsatisfactory junky bottom out cruddy godawful grody not good the pits dangerous unhealthy damaging deleterious detrimental hurtful injurious ruinous wrong evil criminal reprobate base delinquent mean corrupt iniquitous sinful vicious vile villainous wicked disobedient naughty unruly ill-behaved misbehaving rotten sour moldy putrid rancid spoiled harsh terrible disastrous serious intense painful grave ailing diseased unwell in pain downcast upset low regretful apologetic conscience-stricken contrite crestfallen dejected depressed disconsolate downhearted guilty remorseful woebegone unfavorable unpleasant grim unfortunate melancholy adverse disagreeable discouraged discouraging distressed gloomy troubled unhappy displeasing

Antonyms of bad

fortunate lucky pleasing wonderful OK honest reputable virtuous worthy advantageous beneficial benevolent profitable superior great happy sophisticated good right upright just true undecayed moral decent noble pleasant easy mild nice cheerful satisfied above

Related English Telugu Meaning

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