beautiful meaning in telugu

Word: beautiful
 Meaning of beautiful in english - physically attractive

Meanings in telugu :

sundaramu ( సుందరము )

Identical words :

beautiful locks - kaishikamu ( కైశికము )
beautiful woman - cheluv ( చెలువ )

Synonyms of beautiful

alluring cute fascinating magnificent marvelous graceful fine dazzling superb wonderful delightful pretty grand lovely gorgeous stunning charming good-looking delicate handsome pleasing splendid elegant appealing exquisite admirable angelic classy comely divine excellent fair foxy ideal nice radiant ravishing refined resplendent shapely statuesque sublime symmetrical beauteous bewitching enticing pulchritudinous sightly taking

Antonyms of beautiful

repulsive insignificant paltry uncouth horrible drab inelegant disgusting grotesque hideous unattractive homely ugly bad offensive poor ordinary awkward coarse rough crude unrefined inferior dull

Related English Telugu Meaning

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