bitter meaning in telugu

Word: bitter
 Meaning of bitter in english - pungent, sharp, hostile, nasty, painful, distressing

Meanings in telugu :

chēti ( చేతి )

Identical words :

As noun :
bitterness - nusamu ( నుసము )
bittern so named from its call - tumpodi ( తుంపొడి )
bitter apple - paapar ( పాపర )

Synonyms of bitter

sour harsh astringent acid tart acerbic acrid absinthal absinthian amaroidal unsweetened vinegary acrimonious rancorous resentful vitriolic stinging severe hateful caustic fierce biting intense alienated sore divided freezing embittered antagonistic crabby irreconcilable morose sardonic sullen virulent estranged begrudging with chip on shoulder savage cruel bad brutal poignant unpleasant disturbing offensive galling displeasing provoking annoying calamitous dire disagreeable distasteful grievous hard heartbreaking hurtful inclement intemperate merciless rigorous rugged ruthless unpalatable vexatious woeful

Antonyms of bitter

pleasant content genial kind wonderful bland sweet mild agreeable nice good helping friendly calm pleasing honest benevolent soothing easy gentle blunt dull

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