bluff meaning in telugu

Word: bluff
 Meaning of bluff in english - abrupt, boast, deceit, precipice, deceive

Meanings in telugu :

gadusu ( గడుసు )

Synonyms of bluff

short blunt brief direct frank rough tart open barefaced brusque candid crusty curt downright forthright gruff hearty honest laconic no-nonsense outspoken rude sincere snippy straightforward tactless terse unceremonious short-spoken snippety blustering bearish breviloquent plain-spoken sham subterfuge ruse lie humbug fraud deception show front delusion snow bravado feint trick stall braggadocio fake facade pretext pretense false front false colors bragging jiving cliff ridge hill promontory mountain escarpment headland peak rock bank crag pretend delude fool shuck feign beguile mislead simulate affect juggle counterfeit betray defraud double-cross put on take in jive bunco fake out illude

Antonyms of bluff

courteous polite dishonest lengthy long devious definite honesty frankness reality truth openness protect come clean support reveal tell truth

Related English Telugu Meaning

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