bulge meaning in telugu

Word: bulge
 Meaning of bulge in english - swollen object, project outward

Meanings in telugu :

mirru ( మిర్రు )

Synonyms of bulge

wart lump projection bump swelling promontory growth excrescence dilation bunch protrusion salient hump sac blob distention protuberance jut excess outgrowth prominence tumor superfluity appendage nodule gibbosity tuberosity salience bunching sagging tumefaction outthrust convexity intumescence bagginess nodulation protrude bloat distend poke dilate balloon bilge enlarge extrude belly billow expand pouch protuberate overhang stand out stick out beetle bug out pop out

Antonyms of bulge

lack depression ingrowth tighten compress lessen abridge shrink contract reduce lower

Related English Telugu Meaning

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