cast meaning in telugu

Word: cast
Meaning of cast in english - a throw to the side, appearance, shade of color, actors in performance, molded structure, throw aside, emit, give, calculate, select for activity

Meanings in telugu :

vēyu ( వేయు )

Identical words :

As noun :
caste - jaati ( జాతి )
caste-mark astitle - abhijanamu ( అభిజనము )
caste of herdsmen - gōkulamu ( గోకులము )
caste of liquor-sellers - gaundl ( గౌండ్ల )
castanet birdthe golden-backed woodpecker - chiratapakshi ( చిరతపక్షి )
castingtoss - vēt ( వేత )

Synonyms of cast

toss pitch shooting heave projection lob propulsion sling fling hurl thrust ejection expulsion casting slinging heaving flinging tossing pitching hurling launching lobbing thrusting style tone hue semblance embodiment visage demeanor stamp tinge mien face turn countenance tint complexion manner air expression look troupe list company actresses roles players parts characters artists dramatis personae shape sculpture figure plaster conformation duplicate replica facsimile copy drop impel shed shy fire boot chuck drive peg bung direct point train distribute sprinkle scatter aim spray spread spatter deposit bestow radiate strew diffuse compute reckon sum number tot forecast add foot total summate choose pick appoint blueprint name devise arrange allot chart detail design plan determine designate assign delegate decide upon

Antonyms of cast

catch keeping retention white original dissuade repress stop gather receive take collect guess estimate subtract ignore disorder disorganize withhold

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