charge meaning in telugu

Word: charge
Meaning of charge in english - accusation, attack, burden, price asked for something, command, supervisory responsibility, accuse, load, tax, order something done, ask a price, pay with credit card

Meanings in telugu :

svaadhinamu ( స్వాధీనము )

Identical words :

chargeof powder - mōtaadu ( మోతాదు )
charge patronage - sanrakshan ( సంరక్షణ )

Synonyms of charge

complaint indictment allegation stink gripe beef imputation assault rush sortie onslaught blitz onset blitzkrieg outbreak push invasion mugging need concern duty safekeeping task weight office commitment onus must right millstone obligation trust ward custody care committal deadweight ought rate damage amount cost expense payment tick outlay bite nick expenditure tab squeeze tariff bad news price tag direction injunction word instruction exhortation precept behest dictate bidding mandate conduct management supervision running handling oversight superintendence intendance superintendency involve blame impeach arraign impugn reprehend criminate censure incriminate inculpate impute finger peg reproach turn on blow the whistle on drag into court hang something on point the finger at whistle-blow buck smash tear stampede bushwhack dash lunge bolt storm assail invade chase blindside jump on permeate clog impregnate crowd ram transfuse instill fill afflict suffuse pile cram lade cumber heap penetrate entrust saddle saturate choke pervade encumber pack warn require request tell solicit enjoin adjure impose levy demand fix price at sell for book cuff debit paste chalk up buy on credit go into hock incur debt put on account put on the cuff put on the tab receive credit run up

Antonyms of charge

compliment praise exculpation freeing exoneration retreat conclusion end disregard distrust irresponsibility benefit freedom question ignorance mismanagement neglect exonerate exculpate approve pay pay by check pay cash mend wait fix unblock deplete aid release open take out help reply

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