chief meaning in telugu

Word: chief
Meaning of chief in english - most important, essential, person in charge

Meanings in telugu :

sinhamu ( సింహము )

Identical words :

As noun :
chieftain - heggadi ( హెగ్గడి )
chief officer of the policeofcity - kotvaalu ( కొత్వాలు )
chief man - praathamikudu ( ప్రాథమికుడు )
chiefly such as is derived from the flight of birds - shakunamu ( శకునము )
chief ofcompany - saamavaayikudu ( సామవాయికుడు )

Synonyms of chief

prime leading main preeminent principal superior head star champion grand premier major primary cardinal ruling key capital telling central arch first consequential controlling crucial effective especial foremost highest momentous number one outstanding paramount potent predominant primal significant stellar supreme uppermost vital weighty superintendent ruler commander director manager supervisor captain leader monarch ringleader honcho bigwig sovereign governor general proprietor overlord dictator overseer President chieftain boss big cheese big wheel suzerain foreperson big gun head honcho head person key player top brass

Antonyms of chief

subordinate unimportant auxiliary extra minor lower insignificant inessential nonessential unnecessary inferior secondary bad poor follower employee apprentice servant underling

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