club meaning in telugu

Word: club
Meaning of club in english - bat, stick, social organization, golfing tool, hit hard with object

Meanings in telugu :

stōmamu ( స్తోమము )

Identical words :

club with bands - katlagudiy ( కట్లగుదియ )
club with iron bands - baris ( బరిస )
club bound with iron - lagudamu ( లగుడము )

Synonyms of club

business staff sap cudgel works bludgeon baton mace blackjack truncheon hammer nightstick quarterstaff hickory mallet shillelagh billy swatter rosewood cosh persuader conk buster convincer union league company association society sodality set guild faction circle crew affiliation alliance hangout gang clique lodge mob ring outfit meeting order bunch stamping ground wedge putter driver spoon iron midiron niblick mashie brassie cleek bash clobber pummel whack pound beat clout baste batter strike pommel

Antonyms of club

separation individual division

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