commend meaning in telugu

Word: commend
Meaning of commend in english - recommend, praise, hand over with confidence

Meanings in telugu :

mechchu ( మెచ్చు )

Identical words :

As noun :
commendation - meppu ( మెప్పు )
commended - iditamu ( ఈడితము )

Synonyms of commend

applaud hail endorse approve extol compliment acclaim support advocate countenance stroke build sanction boost eulogize accredit build up pat on the back give a posy gold star hand it to hats off to hear it for kudize puff up speak highly of entrust confer relegate deliver resign consign yield proffer tender commit assign

Antonyms of commend

blame censure disapprove reject refuse deny decrease prevent rebuke reprimand criticize oppose discourage keep withhold

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