contend meaning in telugu

Word: contend
Meaning of contend in english - compete, fight, argue

Meanings in telugu :

pōru ( పోరు )

Synonyms of contend

vie confront cope resist grapple oppose meet dispute withstand litigate clash contest emulate rival push face skirmish controvert jostle battle strive tug oppugn encounter struggle go for lock horns go after push for go for broke go for it go for jugular have at jockey for position knock oneself out make play for mix it up with scramble for shoot at shoot for tangle with give all one's got give one's all claim urge defend charge insist assert say maintain allege tell hold vindicate affirm enjoin prescribe cross rip aver avow dictate report blast warrant debate zap justify come at gang up on lay into take on fly in face of go at have bone to pick jump on lace into let have it light into lock horns with put up argument set to sock it to one

Antonyms of contend

comply surrender hide retreat desert cede give in go along agree yield make peace abandon give up leave deny question forget divide separate

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