copper meaning in telugu

Word: copper
 Meaning of copper in english - auburn, bronze, brown, change, coin, police/police officer, red, ore, patrolman, patrolwoman, policeman, policewoman, small change

Meanings in telugu :

raagi ( రాగి )

Identical words :

coppersmith - tōkōti ( తోకోటి )
copper coin worth either three - dabbu ( డబ్బు )
coppery red - maaanjishtamu ( మాంజిష్టము )
copper smith - shaulbikudu ( శౌల్బికుడు )

Synonyms of copper

nut rust tawny chestnut hazel henna russet titian tan burnished brownish copper-colored metallic brown reddish-brown reddish-tan fawn ginger toast amber brick buff coffee drab dust bay ecru beige terra-cotta cinnamon puce mahogany sepia cocoa sorrel umber bister khaki chocolate ochre burnt sienna snuff-colored quarters silver chicken feed pin money pocket money spending money pennies coins nickels dimes piece cash currency dough jack scratch gold chips bread legal tender specie doubloon mintage coinage meter money badge bear blue corps detective force heat law law enforcement bluecoat bobby constable arm of the law beat cop black and white constabulary fed flatfoot gendarme narc rose flaming maroon glowing cardinal crimson pink cherry sanguine carmine blooming blush bloodshot florid flushed healthy inflamed roseate rosy rubicund ruddy coral wine bittersweet garnet vermilion infrared scarlet claret magenta fuchsia burgundy geranium cerise salmon dahlia ruby rufescent pig bull fuzz gumshoe oink officers boy scout county mounty iron lead rock platinum mineral blende zinc finest peace officer small potatoes small beer coppers

Antonyms of copper

dollar bill

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