corner meaning in telugu

Word: corner
 Meaning of corner in english - angle, niche, predicament, trap

Meanings in telugu :

rōk ( రోక )

Identical words :

corner stone - kannaaku ( కన్నాకు )
corner of the mouth - srikvamu ( సృక్వము )
corner ofmouth - selavi ( సెలవి )

Synonyms of corner

intersection edge rim fork ridge projection veer crook shift joint bend branch crossing junction cloverleaf Y V hole recess hideaway cavity nook cranny indentation compartment retreat hide-out box dilemma distress impasse fix scrape difficulty jam impediment knot plight pickle tight spot nab capture fool seize tree trick bottle catch trouble collar put out mousetrap bring to bay get on ropes

Antonyms of corner

middle center miracle boon solution pleasure benefit ease peace release liberate let go free lose

Related English Telugu Meaning

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