country meaning in telugu

Word: country
Meaning of country in english - rural, pastoral, political territory, nation, rural area, area away from city

Meanings in telugu :

sim ( సీమ )

Identical words :

country of cambay - kaambhōjamu ( కాంభోజము )
country town - kharvatamu ( ఖర్వటము )
country bred pony - tattun ( తట్టున )
country mallow - tutti ( తుత్తి )
country-made - naatu ( నాటు )
country north of delhi - paaanchaalamu ( పాంచాలము )
country in the southern part of the indian peninsula - paandyamu ( పాండ్యము )
country called malwa - maaLavamu ( మాళవము )
country horse - zaapadamu ( ాపడము )

Synonyms of country

rustic bucolic homey agrarian provincial arcadian countrified uncultured unpolished unrefined unsophisticated campestral agrestic georgic out-country outland people region community society state public commonwealth kingdom realm populace soil terrain polity homeland grass roots native land voters citizenry inhabitants citizens constituents electors patria sovereign state province woods boondocks wilderness countryside outdoors outback backwoods bush hinterland back country wilds sticks forests woodlands farmland farms boonies cow country green belt middle of nowhere up country

Antonyms of country

metropolitan city urban metropolis

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