crash meaning in telugu

Word: crash
Meaning of crash in english - bang, banging sound, collision, accidental hitting, computer system failure, break into pieces, fall

Meanings in telugu :

pheLapheL ( ఫెళఫెళ )

Identical words :

crashing - petapet ( పెటపెట )

Synonyms of crash

blast clash smash din wham burst thunder clang clatter peal slam boom crack racket clap thunderclap smashing clattering impact collapse wreck debacle pileup shock crunch bump concussion ram jar jolt percussion thump total ditch thud smashup washout sideswipe splashdown crack-up fender bender fender tag rear-ender stack-up abend head crash program crash program error program failure system crash system error fragment disintegrate splinter shatter dash shiver fracture crack up bang into pile up smash up wrack up plunge hurtle tumble dive drop collide slip meet topple overturn sprawl upset lurch pancake pitch bite the dust overbalance prang crash-land drive into fall flat fall headlong fall prostrate give way go in plough into

Antonyms of crash

loss failure combine mend aid assist fix help ascend increase straighten

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