cruel meaning in telugu

Word: cruel
 Meaning of cruel in english - vicious, pitiless, causing pain

Meanings in telugu :

berasu ( బెరసు )

Identical words :

As noun :
cruelty - krauryamu ( క్రౌర్యము )
cruel man - adayudu ( అదయుడు )

Synonyms of cruel

atrocious heartless harsh ruthless inhuman callous cold-blooded bitter merciless tyrannical barbarous evil hateful unkind spiteful brutal painful sadistic wicked relentless bestial bloodthirsty degenerate depraved excruciating ferocious fierce flinty hard hellish implacable inexorable malevolent monstrous pernicious poignant revengeful sinful unfeeling unnatural unrelenting virulent rancorous inhumane brutish demoniac

Antonyms of cruel

compassionate considerate kind pleasing polite friendly merciful pleasant moral helpful humane feeling nice sympathetic easy gentle mild giving good decent charitable thoughtful

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