cut meaning in telugu

Word: cut
Meaning of cut in english - incision, reduction, diminution, portion of profit, style, shape of clothing, insult, type, kind, sever, chop with sharp instrument, incise

Meanings in telugu :

laanamu ( లానము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
cutting - nikrintanamu ( నికృంతనము )
cut at which water is let intofield - appasamu ( అప్పసము )
cutaneous and herpetic eruptions - aase ( ఆసె )
cuttle fish - kandubayichēp ( కండుబయిచేప )
cutchery - kachēri ( కచేరి )
cutch - kuchchi ( కుచ్చి )
cut in slices - chiru ( చీరు )
cutting up the turf - dōku ( దోకు )
cutaneous eruption - paam ( పామ )
cutting chip - pēdu ( పేడు )
cutting leather - rampe ( రంపె )

Synonyms of cut

laceration wound trim shave chip rip snip slit rent passage slot trench fissure section mark nick slash cleft gash prick opening dissection graze stab intersection furrow pierce sculpture stroke cleavage penetration notch groove carving rabbet kerf scarification saving decrease cutback lowering downsize fall decrement lessening economy quota division slice member kickback bite share moiety part allotment percentage piece segment allowance partage fashion look form construction mode figure configuration offense abuse indignity hateful remark sort description stamp ilk cast feather mold carve curtail clip slay crop sliver hack guillotine saw hew decussate lop score behead perforate shear dissever massacre hash saber lacerate mow slaughter fell amputate reap prune bisect chisel facet divide rive skive rend mince dice flitch separate cleave sickle chine scythe dispatch puncture penetrate scarify quarter level scissor lay open

Antonyms of cut

whole closing increase compliment nicety praise closure solid enlargement disorganization respect combine unite sew create mend construct connect bear give birth close join

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