defect meaning in telugu

Word: defect
Meaning of defect in english - blemish, imperfection, break from belief, faith

Meanings in telugu :

soddu ( సొడ్డు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
defective - vikalamu ( వికలము )

Synonyms of defect

fault flaw lack glitch weakness crack deformity bug deficiency shortcoming error injury irregularity shortage mistake seam unsoundness scratch birthmark kink catch second want scar check speck scarcity blot drawback stain sin gremlin spot gap knot frailty hole foible discoloration infirmity rift vice failing blotch taint patch weak point marring rough spot quit depart pull out renounce abscond revolt withdraw reject abandon desert spurn lapse tergiversate schism leave turn apostatize rebel renege go forsake back out break faith go over run out sell out walk out on change sides fall away from go back on go over the fence take a walk tergiverse

Antonyms of defect

advantage perfection abundance enough plenty strong point sufficiency success accuracy blank clarity boon cleanliness improvement benefit blessing correctness good strength certainty correction right truth closure remain persevere come in stay continue allow approve support

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