depressing meaning in telugu

Word: depressing
 Meaning of depressing in english - discouraging, upsetting

Meanings in telugu :

umbhanamu ( ఉంభనము )

Synonyms of depressing

distressing dreary sad heartbreaking gloomy dismal dispiriting bleak black funereal hopeless joyless melancholy mournful oppressive somber melancholic disheartening daunting dejecting

Antonyms of depressing

comforting pleasant cheerful glad joyful exhilarating encouraging cheering bright happy light

Related English Telugu Meaning

depressiondepthdeputyder fder to be distributed among guestsder to place them on the backs of bullocksder to sound and worn by women on their anklesderdereliction of dutyderision hoaxderisionderivationderived fromderived fromrishiders of vedic priestsdescend fromdescendingdescentdescribedescribed aseunuch
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