dissipated meaning in telugu

Word: dissipated
 Meaning of dissipated in english - used up, self-indulgent

Meanings in telugu :

chedaru ( చెదరు )

Synonyms of dissipated

blown scattered spent destroyed exhausted wasted kaput squandered consumed burnt out played out corrupt debauched abandoned dissolute intemperate profligate rakish wicked gone bad gone to seed gone to the dogs

Antonyms of dissipated

restored gathered conservative unselfish virtuous saved accumulated hoarded pure uncorrupt clean

Related English Telugu Meaning

dissipatesdissolutiondistance from the elbow to the extremity of the little fingerdistance of about two milesdistancedistanceman can rundistant kinsmandistant relationdistant relationsdistantdistildistilleddistincion of rankdistinctdistinctiondistinguisheddistinguishing mark impresseddistorteddistracteddistraction of mind
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