dog meaning in telugu

Word: dog
 Meaning of dog in english - canine mammal, chase after, bother

Meanings in telugu :

saalaavrikamu ( సాలావృకము )

Identical words :

dog s umbrella - kukkagōdugu ( కుక్కగోడుగు )
dogs - sadike ( సడికె )

Synonyms of dog

puppy cur stray tyke bitch mutt hound mongrel doggy pooch bowwow fido flea bag tail-wagger man's best friend shadow plague haunt pursue track trail tag trouble

Antonyms of dog

run away leave alone

Related English Telugu Meaning

dogsdoing awaydoingdolichos catjangthe cultivated speciesdolldomedomestic lifedomestic pigdominiondonationdone away with as darknessdone away withdone without effortdonordoolydoor-latchdoordoorkeeperdosedot
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