enjoy meaning in telugu

Word: enjoy
 Meaning of enjoy in english - take pleasure in, from something, have the benefit or use of

Meanings in telugu :

padayu ( పడయు )

Identical words :

As noun :
enjoyment - sukhamu ( సుఖము )
enjoyed - bhuktamu ( భుక్తము )
enjoying - aasvaadanamu ( ఆస్వాదనము )
enjoy to have - kaaanchu ( కాంచు )
enjoyement - dakku ( దక్కు )

Synonyms of enjoy

love like savor appreciate relish go adore dig mind fancy delight in dote on eat up get a kick out of have a ball revel in be entertained be fond of be pleased cotton to drink in flip over freak out on get a charge out of get high on have a good time have fun live a little live it up luxuriate in paint the town rejoice in take joy in thrill to boast experience maintain retain hold process occupy command possess be blessed be favored

Antonyms of enjoy

dislike hate detest lack need want desert release lose

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