entrance meaning in telugu

Word: entrance
 Meaning of entrance in english - a way into a place, coming into a place, introduction, captivate, hypnotize

Meanings in telugu :

pravēshamu ( ప్రవేశము )

Identical words :

entrance intohouse - talasaal ( తలసాల )

Synonyms of entrance

hallway porch door opening entryway port access passageway corridor gate avenue lobby vestibule ingress inlet portico archway portal threshold path approach gateway staircase doorway admission accession outset trespass enlistment admittance start initiation progress arrival adit immigration penetration import inception invasion beginning incoming enrollment debut appearance baptism commencement entrée ingression importation ingoing bewitch fascinate enthrall mesmerize enrapture enchant rejoice ravish please delight charm gladden spellbind attract transport anesthetize

Antonyms of entrance

egress conclusion exit departure leave refusal completion ending termination disappearance repudiation retreat finish stop leaving disgust tire displease disenchant turn off bore repel repulse

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